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Northwest Louisiana Film Trail

The Northwest Louisiana Film Trail offers visitors the ability to visit the places where movies have been filmed including:

Blonde Ambition (2006)

Jessica Simpson stars as Katie Gregerstitch, a small-town Oklahoma beauty who’s come to New York to visit her long-time boyfriend. But after finding him in the arms of another woman, Katie decides to dump him and find a life for herself. She lands a job at a top construction company, with the help of two co-workers. This is where her life takes another turn as she meets and falls for a great guy. The problem is that he has an even greater secret. Katie is determined to get exactly what her heart desires in the romantic comedy that proves you can’t keep a bright, beautiful down-home girl down.

Premonition (2006)

A middle-class couple, Linda and Jim Hanson, live a wasted and ordinary life with their two daughters in their comfortable house in the suburbs. On a Thursday morning, the local sheriff visits Linda and breaks the news that her husband died in a car accident the previous day. The next morning, when Linda awakes, she finds Jim safe and sound eating breakfast in the kitchen. Confusion takes over her life and when she awakes the next morning, she realizes that her days are out of order, but her family and friends believe she is insane. Can she save her husband?

Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2007)

RJ Stevens left behind his Southern rearing and even his family name to become a self-help guru dispensing his “Team of Me” philosophy. With a reality-TV-star fiancée and money to burn, there’s no piece of the Hollywood dream RJ hasn’t achieved. When his parents ask him to come home for their 50th wedding anniversary, he packs up his son and diva bride-to-be and head back to Georgia. It’s a chance to prove to his family that he’s no longer an awkward kid, but his family is not buying it. They challenge his bigcity attitude and who he thinks he has become. He may be a superstar in L.A., but he’s just RJ in Dry Springs, Georgia.

Longshots (2008)

Based on a true story, Curtis Plummer is a down-on-his-luck former high school football star that turns his niece, Jasmine, into the quarterback of the local team. He becomes the team’s coach after the current coach becomes ill. With Curtis as their coach and Jasmine at QB, the team of misfits wins its way to the Pop Warner Super Bowl, but it does not come easy. Along with being accepted by her all male teammates, her deadbeat father re-appears after news stories and she struggles with his return. Jasmine eventually figures out her uncle is the one who truly cares. She not admires her uncle, but honors him by wearing his old jersey number, #11.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

This hilarious story continues as Harold and Kumar decide to travel to Amsterdam. Harold can’t wait to see his girlfriend Maria, and the story starts there. As they get settled on the plane, Kumar lights up his bong. Thinking he has a bomb, the air marshals arrest the two as terrorists and send them to Guantanamo Bay. After being put behind bars, they manage to escape, make their way to Florida, then head for Texas. They want to meet with Colton, Kumar’s ex-girlfriend’s fiancé, to get him to intercede with Washington on their behalf. And of course Kumar still has the hots for his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. One wild ride.

Cool Dog - 2010

Jimmy, a vibrant ten-year-old boy, lives in the tranquil town of Eagle Rock, La with his father, stepmother and, most importantly, his best friend - a German Shepherd named Rainy. When Jimmy’s father gets a promotion, the family must relocate to an apartment in New York City that has a strict “no pet” policy. Unwilling to let his master go without a fight, Rainy embarks on a cross-country journey to New York. Along the way, Rainy proves via good deeds and amazing feats (such as driving a car through Manhattan) that he’s just about the best pal a boy could have.

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

A true action-adventure movie. In the aftermath of a tragic accident involving the president and the first lady, Mike Banning, an ex-Special Forces operative and former presidential bodyguard is handed his walking papers. When a powerful terrorists group kidnaps the president and takes command of the White House, the nation watches the Speaker of the House becomes the acting president. Banning finds himself trapped in the White House with no choice but to fight. He must rely on his extensive knowledge of the building to rescue the president, and prevent the situation from spiraling into all-out war.

Dark Places (2013)

Dark Places follows Libby Day, the only surviving witness of a horrific massacre that took her mother and sisters. Believing the slaughter to be the work of a Satanic cult, Libby testifies in court against her own brother. 25 years after the murder, she remains haunted by the gruesome violence. Libby meets a group of amateur investigators looking to satisfy their morbid curiosity. “The Kill Club” begins their own inquiry into the case, believing Libby’s brother innocent. In order to help them, Libby must unearth painful memories of the event, and learn that her past may not be what it seems.