The Bates-Fogle-Irving-Love Home

The Bates – Fogle – Irving – Love Home’s original structure was built in 1845. This home is one of the oldest homes in North Louisiana and one of the best preserved and maintained. It is structurally sound and although it has come through some harrowing experiences, including the terrible tornado of 1932, this sturdy building made of hand-hewn cypress has existed for approximately 162 years. It is incredible that the original cypress siding is presently as good as new on the North and South sides of the house. Charles Hans Veeder, the founder of Minden, acquired this property from James Hiller on January 13, 1840 and sold it to Col. William Bates. A large barn was built in 1919 and has served many purposes. Cows were milked daily here for several years and coal was stored for fireplaces before natural gas come to Minden. Frances Love, the current home owner, is a descendant of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind and offers home tours while detailing Margaret’s life and sharing memorabilia.