“Get Hooked” with Homer Humphreys

Fine tune your fishing skills with competitive fisherman, Homer Humphreys! Homer is one of the nations most highly respected and popular personalities. He has won tournaments at all levels of both the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the FLW Outdoors tournament trails. He specializes in catching bass, bream, crappie and catfish to name a few. Individual, corporate and group trips are available. Children are welcome as each trip is family friendly! Plan your next fishing trip on Lake Bistineau, Caney Lake or Bayou Dorcheat!

Gone with the Wind Historic Tour

This private tour located at the Bates-Irving home features owner, Mrs. Frances Love, a descendant of Margaret Mitchell, author of the American fiction bestseller, “Gone with the Wind”. Mrs. Love shares family insights into the life of the famous author during this tour of her private residence. Guests will be treated to an authentic taste of the south with mint julips and other southern delights. The Bates-Irving home is a beautiful plantation home located at 508 Fort Avenue in Minden, Louisiana. It is also one of the oldest, best preserved and maintained homes in north Louisiana. It was built in 1845 by Colonel William Bates, who purchased the land from Charles Veeder, the founder of Minden.

Boom or Bust Byway Scenic Drive

Escape the city. Embrace the byway! Louisiana has more than a dozen scenic byways that lure travelers through the states natural beauty and open doors to local history and culture. The Boom or Bust Byway follows Highway 2 and is defined by the Louisiana/Texas border on the west and the loop around the town of Homer to the east. The Boom or Bust Byway gets its name from the rise and fall of agriculture through the decades. From oil to cotton, timber and lumber, the byway has seen industry come an go, but its history remains. A purposeful trip with stops in every city might take six hours.

Northwest Louisiana Film Trail

The Northwest Louisiana Film Trail features film sites from Shreveport-Bossier to Minden, Louisiana! Over the years, this area of the state dubbed “Hollywood South” has been the backdrop to many major motion pictures, made for television series, commercials and other film projects. Follow the map and scan the QR Code on each site sign to view the scene filmed at each Minden location.

Germantown Colony Museum

Established in 1835, Germantown Colony is one of three sites founded by the Utopian Movement or Harmonist Society in the early days of the 19th Century. The group, under the leadership of Count von Leon, underwent less than ideal circumstances to eventually arrive in current day Minden. The settlers were escaping religious persecution in Europe in hopes of finding a place to worship God as they interpreted in scripture. The museum features artifacts from some of the early settlers, agricultural tools and three of the original buildings remain on site today. Tours are free to the public and are offered Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Dorcheat Historical Museum

The museum opened in June 2008. It features pioneer artifacts, including a model steamboat on Dorcheat Bayou, a log cabin, furniture, clothing, and material from the American Civil War era.

Another exhibit is dedicated to the year 1933, when Minden was struck during the Great Depression with a bank failure, a fire, and a major tornado.

Experience the life and culture of Webster Parish along with the Bayou Dorcheat area of North Louisiana. Learn about our famous people including Alan Bean, 4th Man to Walk on the Moon and the movies shot in Webster Parish. Visit the museum Tuesday through Friday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM (closed from 1-2 for lunch) for a free tour!

Time Allowed – 45 Minutes

Sarepta Brown Cotton

Tony Mullins, retired educator and coach, has found a fun new way to spend his time. He read about the once booming industry of a particular species of cotton in this area and decided to try his hand at farming some himself. Tony has successfully farmed brown cotton for nearly a decade and invites school groups and travelers alike to learn more about the planting, farming, harvesting and packaging of his cotton that gets shipped to several states across America. Call ahead for a guided tour through the field, cotton gin and shop where you can purchase items such as towels, blankets and more.

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